Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Easter Chant

Easter Chant

Hosanna ! Hosanna !

Hear the people cry.

Riding on a donkey

The King is passing by.

Riding to Jerusalem

Wave those palms and cheer -

Jesus the Messiah

The “Promised One” is here.

Crucify ! Crucify !

Hear the people shout !

Tell governor Pilate

To bring Jesus out.

Crucify ! Crucify !

Hear the people cry -

“He claimed to be our king,

Now he must die !”

“Forgive them ! Forgive them !

They don’t know what they do

I’m willing to die

On this cross for you.

I’m your king, Lord, Messiah.

It is finished ! I cry -

For your sins to be forgiven

God’s Son must die “

He’s risen ! He’s risen !

See the joy on Mary’s face.

She came to the tomb

And now she must race

To tell the disciples -

“We don’t need to fear,

Jesus has been raised to life .

He’s alive ! He’s here ! “

(c) Don Stott,, Feb 2002

This chant could be presented by different groups with a Powerpoint backing with a slide for each verse. You may use this chant in a worship setting but please attach the copyright attribution.

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